We are pleased to announce Sharmaines Salon and Day Spa is THE FIRST EVER SALON and SPA to be both OCEAN ALLIES Certified and GREEN CIRCLE certified! This is something that is totally off the charts in terms of diversion of waste in our salon and in our town. ABC Action News stopped by last week to get the scoop.


In addition to recycling salon waste, we are proud to offer Redken’s first line of 99% vegan, sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free, fragrance-free shampoos and conditioners bottled in biodegradable packaging! To celebrate, we are offering a 4Ocean bracelet as a gift with purchase. 4Ocean create bracelets are made from recycled plastics found on the beach! 1 bracelet that they make equates to one pound of garbage that’s removed from the ocean.

About Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons provides the world’s first, and North America’s only, sustainable salon solution to recover and repurpose beauty waste ensuring that we can help keep people and the planet beautiful.

We are able to transform beauty waste into a desirable commodity through an award-winning platform built by the industry, for the industry. Our turnkey program allows salons to repurpose and recover up to 95% of the resources that were once considered waste; materials such as hair, leftover hair color, foils, color tubes, aerosol cans, paper and plastics.

Our platform is designed to support salons in four key areas; to be green, to build a recurring revenue, to gain clients, and to save money. We do this in a way that is simple, open and honest – everyone is involved, and everyone wins.

Today more than ever, consumers vote with their dollars and channel spending into responsible brands that support healthy communities. Literally, overnight, our program adds layers of value that enhance both customer and staff experience, and publicly position our member salons as responsible stewards of our planet.