Article by Lori Fudens, Co-Owner of Sharmaine’s Salon & Spa
We have heard the term but is it just a buzz word with a passing fad? Well, Not according to the American Spa Association. Men’s Spa servicing is up 35% and still climbing like a rock climber on a Colorado Mountain.

But why? Are the women pushing them along or are men really starting to care more about grooming than just stopping in the local barber. And why not? More women are playing golf aren’t they? Recognizing men’s grooming and spa service needs is something of a new subject that is taught worldwide at Spa conferences and seminars in this new millennium. Men’s skin is different and the difference in skin type is why tailored Enzyme Facials, Sports massage, Sport pedicures, Haircuts, Scalp treatments, Gentlemen’s manicures, Deep tissue massage, Hydrating facials as well as Hair removal are all popping up in neighborhood Day Spas. Spa employees treat men different and tailor services to them.

The guys have finally discovered (and embraced) what women have known since spas became a full-fledged industry: It makes you feel good and look good, and that’s important in today’s stressed-out, youth-conscious society. The latest stats from the International Spa Association (ISPA) report that 28 percent of their members’ clients are men. And those numbers are climbing influenced by men who frequent resort and hotel spas, where they are pampered in style in their very own surroundings. Men wanted to come for spa services, and the media was encouraging men to do so, but when they came in to womanly day spa environments, they felt they were doing services that were really for women. According to one Spa owner “Before the men’s specialty spa boom, often we’d have men come in with gift certificates for a full day. I can remember many times when they cut the day down. Men want to do it all in three hours; women feel satisfied with a six-hour package.” Some things stay the same.

Now many Spas cater to the busy guy who still wants to look and feel great. Specialized services for men such as Deep pore cleansing and enzyme treatments for the face, aid in the reduction of ingrown hairs and shaving irritation. A stimulating Massage, (not to be confused with an Illegal massage) improves skin circulation and an anti-stress soothing masque revitalizes and hydrates the skin.

As far as pedicures go, check this out! A polish free foot treatment is now a necessity and luxury no man should live without! First your feet are immersed in a soothing essential oil salt bath, cuticles and nail are groomed to perfection, feet and lower legs are exfoliated with a gentle scrub to remove any dry skin and finally you are treated to the ultimate massage. Manicures are now designed for men in mind. This hand treatment starts with your nails and cuticles groomed to a detailed finish, followed by a soothing massage and finished with a nail buffing for a healthy glow and professional appearance.

As a Spa professional, I think this fad is here to stay. I challenge the macho men who say “no way” , to remember the old fashioned saying “ don’t knock it till ya try it”. In this case, you have everything to gain. And if nothing else, your woman may still respect you more in the morning.