September 2006 – Clearwater, FL – Get Predictable Haircolor Results with a Redken Certified Haircolorist
September, 2006, (New York, NY) – Achieving predictable haircolor results can
be a challenge for some clients due to many factors the consultation, colorist’s
understanding of the product, colorist’s skill level and technique. Redken is
making is easier for clients to get the color they want by certifying their top
colorists and calling them Redken Certified Haircolorists. Highlighting these
highly trained colorists, dedicated to their craft and invested in becoming the
best, will make is easier for clients to connect with credible colorists.

Lori Fudens, of Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa, has just passed the written,
practical, and scenario exam to become a Redken Certified Haircolorist. With a
comprehensive understanding of haircolor principles, creative color, foil
placement, color correction and the consolation process, her clients are
guaranteed to receive exceptional service and color results.

Color Certification was designed to recognize and reward top colorists. Our
accreditation process assesses their technical skills, knowledge of haircolor
products and principles, and their approach to color formulation, application, and
color correction. An individual that becomes certified will excel in the area of
haircolor and provide top notch service to their clients, explains Christine
Schuster, senior vice president of education for Redken.

I’m committed to our clients, who we like to refer to as guests. says Lori
Fudens, co-owner of Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa. I have a passion for
education, staying abreast of current trends and techniques, and a real desire to
create a comfortable atmosphere where we provide the highest standards of
beauty and treatment. Being a Redken Certified Haircolorists helps me achieve
my goal of always exceeding my guests’ expectations.

To schedule an appointment with Lori Fudens, or for her free 15 minute hair
consultation call Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa, Clearwater Beach, FL at (727)