Lori Fudens, of Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa on Clearwater Beach, Fl, is offering more than just a wide variety of traditional and unique salon and spa services. She is dishing out star-worthy hair tips to all her clients and anyone who asks for her expert advice.

While Fudens has many male clients that inquire about solutions for thinning hair, but the issue is often discussed among many of her female clients as well, she said.

“Stress, illness or fever, menopause and even prescription drugs, such as birth control, are among the top causes for thinning hair,” says Fudens. “While some of these causes are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to help prevent the severity of the problem and minimize the appearance of thinning hair.”

One of her top tips for thinning hair includes shampooing daily. Specialty products like the new Redken Intra Force System, will keep the follicles clear for assisted hair growth by keeping toxins off the scalp and preventing residue build-up as well as nourishing follicles to prepare for new hair growth. In addition to recommending products specific to clients, based on a consultation with her, Fudens recommends hairstyles and products that help minimize the appearance of thinning hair.

Top Tips for Thinning Hair

*Switch out harsh hairspray for a more gentle mousse or products which don’t build up

*Use a gentle Clarifying shampoo 1-4 times per month

*Throw out hair-damaging combs and replace with softer brushes

*Shampoo daily with a professional regimen customized by a professional

* Add shorter layers to your hairstyle or ask for a one on one hair styling class from your stylist

“I will offer solutions and recommend ideas in order for my guests to have their best hair customized to them and their lifestyle. “ Fudens’ hair tips come with a free 15-minute consultation that leaves clients and visitors feeling like celebrities.

“My drain cover in the shower used to be full of hair every time I shampooed,” said salon client Ann Ranch. “I was afraid to shampoo because I thought I would just lose more hair. Thanks to Lori and her advice, that’s stopped, and my hair is feeling and looking fuller on top.”

This type of dedication and excellence extends to Fudens’ continued education in exceptional technical skills; she recently became a Redken Certified Design Stylist, a member of an elite group at Redken that is recognized worldwide for its cutting, up-do styling, blowouts and finishing expertise.

Along with the feeling of luxury clients receive, partners Fudens and Sharmaine Giorgio created a fun environment that allows guests to create individualized packages of services tailored to their needs. They maintain high expectations by adding new and unique specialty services, such as Shellac manicures and pedicures, Japanese hair straightening, Great Lengths extensions, and the Brazilian Keratin Blowout Treatment.

Those in need of thinning hair tips or fresh, high-quality hair services and haircolor, can contact Lori Fudens or a member of the Hair Team at 727-447-2025, visit Sharmaine’s Salon and Day Spa at 483 Mandalay Ave. #206, Clearwater Beach, FL. 33767 or email her at info@sharmaines.com