At Sharmaine’s Salon of Clearwater Beach Florida we offer the latest in permanent hair straightening technology and Modern Japanese Hair Straightening  while using brands like Liscio and iStraight for Japanese Hair Straightening as well as thermal hair straightening or thermal reconditioning services. Call for a consultation with one of our specialists to see if you are a candidate for this 727.447.2025

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Say Hello to Sleek Hair

One of the most obvious benefits of thermal straightening is going to be the gorgeous sleek and shiny finish! 😍

Fall in Love with Mornings

Thermally straightened hair requires very little styling. Enjoy your mornings again with simple routines that give you time for what matters most.

Low Maintenance Glamour

Your thermally straightened hair will only require touch ups every 6+ months. This length of time depends on your hair growth and texture.

Kick Frizz to the Curb

Thermally straightened hair will not be effected by humidity or physical activity. This is a must for maintaining sleek hair during Florida summers!


New “Brazilian Keratin Treatment” solves problems of unwanted frizz or curl Ammonia Free! Straightens hair in only two hours and is a fraction of the cost of regular straighteners – WITHOUT DAMAGE and will wash out after 3 months. Keratin can be used on ANY hair type.

This revolutionary treatment uses keratin, which is the main structure building protein in our hair and nails. This protein contains many different amino acids and is responsible for making hair both strong as well as elastic, which is why this service is amazing for restructuring hair and protecting it against damage. Whilst there is a large number of companies out there claiming to be the ‘brazilian straightening’ treatments, Sharmaine’s uses only the highest quality products to protect our client’s health and ensure they get great results. Results may vary depending on hair texture.


Originating in Japan, Japanese hair straightening treatments have been available for the past 14  years in the United States. We have four fully certified Japanese straightening experts available with extensive training and experience.

This treatment has been featured in just about every fashion magazine in America including In Style, Allure,  Vogue, Mary Claire, Jan, Cosmopolitan, Self, Oprah and Glamour. The process can change the way the workforce hair too shiny silk smooth blocks. This process can change thick, wavy, frizzy or course hair to shines, smooth manageable locks permanently. Most hair types will stay straight permanently with touchups about 6 to 12 months depending on the speed of new growth.

We use and sell the best products for a long lasting permanent results which are essential to maintaining chemically straightened hair. Please contact the salon for more information on these services or products. Shipping is available.

More temporary and topical straightening  services are also available such as Keratin blowouts, BKT, conditioning straighteners and other antifrizz services.

Our stylists are the most experienced straightening and anti frizz hair experts in the area for all types of hair. Call to book a consultation with a specialist at 727.447.2025. 



Q: My hair has been colored and highlighted. Will thermal reconditioning work on my hair?

A: Yes. However, the highlighted sections are treated differently from the non-highlighted sections. For example, the highlighted areas might require a milder processing solution, shorter processing time, additional proteins/conditioners to repair/protect the strands, and a cooler temperature applied during the ironing process than would be required for non-highlighted areas.

We customize every straightening treatment to address each client’s unique hair type and condition and pay close attention to every hair being processed. The majority of our clients have colored and highlighted hair. The results have been fantastic. Many of them have returned for their retouches still in disbelief that their hair is actually behaving for the first time in their life the way they want!

Q: How long should I wait to shampoo or color my hair after a thermal reconditioning treatment?

It is recommended to wait 72 hours before wetting or shampooing your hair. Wait at least two weeks to color or highlight your hair. The hair will become more structurally porous-not visually porous-following thermal reconditioning, therefore we recommend using a lower volume peroxide to touch-up previously thermal/highlighted hair.

Inform your regular stylist about the structural change in your hair so he or she can compensate for this when you have your color touched up.